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Get Paid To Surf, Get Paid To Search, Get Paid To Whatever;
A sco3tt Websight

Before we get started getting paid, I want to tell you something up front. If you sign up with any "Get Paid To Whatever" that are on this page and can follow simple instructions you will make money and so will I. Most of the progrms here are referral programs. What this means is that by using my referral id from this page to sign up with any of these programs we will both make money for something that you're doing. Sound good? It get's better. The fact that I'm making money for what you're doing doesn't cost you anything. You'll get paid the same amount whether I get paid or not. It's a win-win situation for both of us.

This page is dedicated to everyone that ever wanted to get paid for nothing. People want to get paid to surf, they want to get paid to do fun stuff. In general, everybody would like to have a job that pays them to do something that they enjoy, but face it, most of us are doing something that pays the bills (hopefully) and others are doing something that takes up all their time and still doesn't pay them enough to live on.

This is not the answer to all life's money troubles.

What this is all about is how to get paid simply by doing what you're already doing. Instead of me paying to use the internet, I decided that the Internet should pay me to use it. Seems simple enough doesn't it? All you have to do is sign up and surf. Or sign up and search. The big problem is, how do you know which which of the programs on the Internet really pays?

Just ask me, that's how. What,you don't believe me? You want proof? OK, so what if I posted copies of paystubs from the programs that I recommend, would that be enough proof? I will be posting copies of my checks sometime this week. I'll list all the programs that I am currently signed up with, but I'll tell you which ones have paid and what I had to do to get paid. My email address is so feel free to note me with any questions or concerns. I'll update this page as I find out for sure which ones work and I'll let you know which ones don't. I'll post mostly text links so you can check back often and it won't take you all day.

Hey,'Surf time is Money time, right?


AdSavers Sign-Up

I'm going to temporarily display a banner on my page, so you don't miss the rollout of this revolutionary program. Get Paid to have an ad bearing screensaver. Too good to be true? Maybe, but I'm giving it a shot. Feel free to sign up and we can find out together. After you sign up, they pay you $10 for each referal. I'll tell you more details as I find out.
Sign up with Adsavers

NEWSFLASH:**Alladvantage goes GLOBAL! If you are an adult who lives in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States and various US Territories, you can download your Viewbar software immediately.
Alladvantage has paid me. This is a sure thing.
I highly recommend Alladvantage. I have recieved two checks from them already, they really do pay. They pay you to surf, like you're doing right now. Are you making money while you're reading this? If not, you're missing out. Click on this link and sign up, you'll be glad you did.And you don't have to take just my word for it. Check here and see what other people and the media have to say.
Sign up with Alladvantage

UtopiAD hasn't paid me yet, but they seem to have it together. Go ahead and sign up, we can find out together, I'll update as soon as I get a check. If you're already a member and you see this, email me and let me know how UtopiAD is so everybody can see it. I also like the fact that I don't have to be surfing to use it. That's right! I use it while I do homework or game or whatever! Ya gotta love it. Here's the deal. You earn 40% of the revenue from the Advertisements you view. You get 10% of income generated by each and every user that uses you as their referrer. They are called "first generation" referrals. Also, you will receive 5% of income generated by each of the members referred by the "first generation" users which are called "second generation" users. But it doesn't stop there - you'll also receive another 2% for all income generated by "third generation" users. Finally, you'll receive 1% for all income generated by their referrals ("fourth generation" users).
There is also an oppourtunity to OPT-IN to get paid to recieve Email. Yeah, that's right, get paid for something else you already do, which is recieve and read email. This part is opt-in, if you don't want extra email (and extra cash) just don't opt-in. It's that easy.
Sign up with UtopiAD

GoTo World hasn't paid me yet, but they've been around awhile and they just released some new stuff. In my opinion, they're worth a try. I'll update you as soon as I get a check. If you're already a member and you see this, email me and let me know how GoTo World is so everybody can see it.They had a great idea with the custom browser, and now here's another great idea. They have just introduced an ad bar so you can use any browser you want and surf for money. OK, so it isn't an origional idea, but it still pays you to surf, so that's ok. They have several downloads for use with their GoTo world browser, including an instant messanger and a download that lets you use voice commands with your computer. I haven't tried any of these, but if you sign up and use them, email me and I'll put your opinions here for all to see.
Sign up with GoToWorld

Webmasters, listen up! Allclicks pays for every person that clicks to them from your site. Sign up other webmasters too. I just signed up so I haven't been paid yet, but a trusted friend referred me to Allclicks, so I'll give it a shot. If you sign up, read the entire FAQ and Terms and Conditions. There are specific things that you must not do or your account will be canceled. As always, I'll keep you posted.
Here's an example of an actual functional Allclicks link.

Click Here to Make $$$

That's all there is to it. They've put together a easy to use program. Everyone with a qualified web page should use this program.
Sign up with Allclicks

ValuePay hasn't released their software yet. If you're the adventurous type, sign up, we can check it out together, I'll update as soon as they release their software. If you're already a member and you see this, email me at and let me know how ValuePay is so everybody can see it.

If you want to see more, go here and see the page that they give you to put on your website! This is a great custom page for webmasters.
Sign up with ValuePay

Check this out, here's RadioFreeCash. I haven't been paid from this one yet, and neither has anyone else, it's that new! Here's what their referral letter looks like. I'm listening to it right now. They have sixteen different kinds of music and there are many choices within each kind of music. Sounds good, I like. Paid to listen to the radio? This rules! Anyhow, here's the scoop, in their own words...
There's a company called that is paying you to listen to the radio on your computer... and not only do they pay you, but they also pay you for the referrals who you bring to their community. This could mean serious cash for you, especially if you get in early.
You've probably all heard of other companies that pay you to surf the net and all the money people are making because they got in early. Well, is even better, because all you have to do is listen to the radio, which frees you up to do other stuff, like surf the net, write your term paper, pay the bills, email friends - whatever! They realize that your time is valuable, and they know that paying you for it is the best way to get you to listen - they are effectively starting a revolution in radio and you should get in early - I did, and you can too!

Sign up with RadioFreeCash

2/24/200 UPDATE Titansearch Hacked!! Read This!!
Just another example of someone screwing things up for everyone.
TitanSearch no longer pays three cents per search up to eighteen searches a day due to misuse of their program. They now pay one cent per search for you, 1 1/4 cent per referral search and 1/2 cent per referral's referral search. All up to eghteen searches per day for all levels, at least three different search terms.. It's still a good deal to get paid for searches that you'd be doing anyways, but it's not as sweet a deal as it was. Just another example of a small percentage of peope goofing things up for the majority. I have not recieved a check from them as of 03/18/2000 but that could be because I haven't performed enough searches to total twenty five bucks. You could sign up and we can both find out about this one together, or you can wait and check back, I'll let you know when I get paid.

And for those of you with short attention spans or bad short term memory, here are the programs we've covered.
Sign up with Alladvantage I've been paid!
Sign up with UtopiAD Not paid yet.
Sign up with GoToWorld Not paid yet.
Sign up with Allclicks Not paid yet.
Sign up with ValuePay Not paid yet.
Sign up with RadioFreeCash Not paid yet.

And as an added bonus to making money, I'll also hook you up with cool free stuff. Free email, free Internet Access, free whatever, when I find it I'll put it on the FREE page.

And now that you Getting Paid to Surf, Get Paid to Submit your Site to Major Search Engines

Here's Free Email. This has my name on it, so it's here and on the FREE page also.There's a bunch of free email providers out there, but this is the one I use, so I know it works. It's easy to set up, it's easy to customize, and it's free. You can sign up for free email here
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By now, there should be people making money with me.

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